Ground and Center Therapeutic Massage
Ground your body, Center your soul

New Patients

One of my goals as a Licensed Massage Therapist is to develop genuine relationships with clients that are based on mutual respect and trust.  I extend a discount offer to new patients because it is important to me to give the community the opportunity to experience the highest quality of treatment and understand that massage is not just about pampering and luxury; it is a necessity and essential for overall health and wellness. Therapeutic massage has countless benefits that will effect your physical, mental, and emotional health. Please take advantage of this introductory offer to Ground Your Body and Center Your Soul and enjoy the experience of feeling your "best self."

All new patients receive a 30% discount on a full body massage 

(excludes deep tissue massage)

60-minute full body massage         $70       $49

 30-minute full body massage         $40       $28 

**Does not apply to gift certificates or package deals

**Prices are subject to change without prior notice

**Discounts do not apply to same day appointments